Summer holiday

Hi…. It’s been a very long time since my last post and all of my posts for a while have started with and apology due to the lack of posts. And for that I am sorry.
So it’s currently the summer holiday (for England at least I’m pretty sure don’t know about the rest of you). Yay you might say! How fab!
Not for me I am afraid! Not at all!
Since the 24th of July I have been in sunny Scotland!
Now I like Scotland I do! You have produced some fantastic things … David tennant, tyres, haggis and penicillin for example.
But it rains so bloody much!!!!
And we are freaking CAMPING!!!! FOR TWO WEEKS!!! TWO WEEKS GODAMN!!!! IN SCOTLAND!!! Who does that!?!?
We come to this campsite every year for the same two weeks every year!
And I’m nearly 16! All my friends are meeting up and going to events and stuff and I am stuck in Scotland in the rain with family!
Also my room in the tent is meant to be a wardrobe! Not a room!!!
ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to scream!
Sorry rant over maybe I just really hate the first two weeks of the summer holidays!!!!!
Urgh! And I miss my puppy!
Oh yeah I got a puppy!
Her name is shy and she’s adorable! Here are some photos, they are from a while ago she’s bigger now…

20140803-062437 pm-66277876.jpg

20140803-062437 pm-66277591.jpg

20140803-062438 pm-66278731.jpg

20140803-062438 pm-66278948.jpg

20140803-062439 pm-66279712.jpg
She’s a collie if you were wondering!

We went to Wickerman festival which was good! It takes place in Dundrennan in the Scottish Borders.
We saw Alabama 3, del amitri, big country, sonic boom six and some other cool bands and stuff… Here’s some photos of that…

20140803-062906 pm-66546653.jpg

20140803-062902 pm-66542120.jpg

20140803-062904 pm-66544780.jpg

20140803-062905 pm-66545712.jpg

20140803-062900 pm-66540306.jpg

20140803-062901 pm-66541218.jpg

20140803-062903 pm-66543721.jpg

20140803-062903 pm-66543020.jpg
At the end they burn a big man made out of wicker aka the Wickerman!

I also have blue hair now …

20140803-063401 pm-66841023.jpg
It’s only blue at the ends but blue all the same!

Yeah so that’s the stuff that’s happened I guess! I also went to glastonbury but il make another post about that! Thanks for sticking around I guess :) also comment how your holidays are if your are going away anywhere nice :)

Rain again.

I wrote a post about how I like listening to the rain a while ago, and it’s raining really heavily now and I feel really relaxed and calm and happy so if it’s raining where you are i hope you see it as a good thing and I hope it makes you feel happy and relaxed too. I just thought we could all listen to the rain together and be happy. Hope this doesn’t sound like a pile of cheese.

Cold Tea

Im British.
Well done me I know where I am from.
Wait, who am I?
What is this?
Who are you?

Haha… silly me I am not in the shower *looks shifty*

I want to talk about cold tea.
Most people from other countrys that are not the UK are under the impression that all brits love tea. This however is a lie. You have been tricked. Some brits dont like tea.
I know.. I know breathe its ok!
I am not one of those fake brits however!
I drink a minimum of 3 cups of tea a night.
And a minimum of 5 a morning. (thats a lie, I dont have time for tea in the morning because I am lazy and dont get out of bed until 2 minutes before I need to leave)

Just now I was drinking my tea happily it was nice and warm in my Adventure time mug. I put it down for 2 minutes to go get a jammy dodger.
When I got back the first thing I do is go for my tea and drink it. However I am not greeted with a warm yummy liquid but a bitter and ice cold slurp.

Now I have some serious trust issues because of cold tea. You cant leave it for very long without it getting cold.
And cold tea is the most disgusting thing ever. Its horrible. It is not like ice tea thats sweet its like normal tea but cold. And it looks the same hot and cold so you cant look at it and be like, ‘WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY, THAT YOU CALL TEA MY DEAR MUG! THIS IS A FRAUD MY DEAR SIR!’. You just have to drink it and hope for the best. Then you discover its cold and then you go make more tea.
Which is what I am going to do now.


The fault in our stars – Esther Earl

Hi by the way… im back :D

So I read ‘The fault in our stars’ by John Green a while back now and im guessing that you know what it is. If you dont you should buy it and read it now, doesnt matter who you are or how old just read it, it will change your life.
The book hit me hard and im so exited about the movie its unreal and I also bought ‘This star wont go out’ by Esther Earl, John green with Lori and Wayne Earl. I started reading it last night and its so beautiful I cant really put it into words. I highly recommend reading it too.
I just wanted to let you know how beautiful Esther Earl is. I needed to write it down somewhere really. Just google her or something because everyone should know who she is. Shes was such a strong, caring and beautiful person.
I dont know what else I can say to give her justice so just read it please, you might understand this post a bit more if you do.
So yeah do that


This is not a book 4… and other things

So next in this is not a book.. its kinda one i can add to!


So i wished for christmas obviously!!!!


So I will keep doing that.

Also I got this awesome mug which i am like super proud of…


see it looks like a camera lenses but its actually a mug!!!

Also awesome random music you should listen to right now!!!